Kolkata- India’s Petrichor

Ahh…more excuses to daydream!


Kolkata. The name says it all. The city of dreams, the city of love, the city where everyone feels at home, and where “kêmon achhen?” is the best “how are you” I have ever heard. The pen is mightier than the sword here, and what better place can one find to write than in this rustic, mystical place that is so ruminantly stimulating?

Waking up to a breakfast in under Rs.20, complete with stuffed loochi and aaloo (hot fried amazing stuff with amazing potato curry on the side), the buttery soft potato-stuffed shingada (the best-tasting Samosa in the world) finished with a mattka (earthen pot) of garam chai (hot tea) can make one rediscover paradise. From a sprawling skyline with beautiful gardens and lakes, to the simple enigmatic humdrum of how things work here, my nostalgia gets a makeover with every visit. Having visited Kolkata (the then Calcutta)…

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