Multiple Timelines = CONFUSED!


Alright. I’ve really stepped in it now. My quandry has a name AND a consequence. The name: “Multiple Timeline”. The consequence: “Confused”.

Oh, the storyline(s) is/are good and the writing – well – even that is brilliant, according to some. But I read this stuff, as well, and I’m seeing the problem.

I can see where it’s going to feel disjointed. Disconnected. Like it’s jumping around.


I know the story…it’s here…in my head. But I’m having a helluva time getting it all set down in order, to where it will all make sense.

Like it all belongs together in the same book.

Should I even be pursuing this novel? Is this just this horrific ‘ flu bug talking? Or am I a horrible writer with only one, teensy, tinesy tome in me after all?

It’s difficult enough to follow one timeline, but multiple ones? “Confused” is an understatement.

I want my mommy.