“Waking Up Dead!” – Work in Progress

Here is the working cover for "Waking Up Dead!", by Pearl Kirkby...coming in Winter 2016!

Here is the working cover for “Waking Up Dead!”, by Pearl Kirkby…coming in Winter 2016!

During the process of bringing Folded Dreams (both precursor and follow-up novel) into reality, there occurred a conversation between my husband and myself, about the old Bible story concerning the rich man and the object of his ridicule, the poor man, Lazarus. “This,” I told him, “was where Mama got the saying ‘be careful about the decisions you make in this life, ‘cos you just never know when you’re going to wake up dead.”

“Waking Up Dead” means that, when you close your eyes in that final slumber in this life, you will wake up in the hereafter…at least for those of us who believe in such things. The biggest problem with waking up dead? If all you were doing in your physical life was to pay lip service to your faith, you’re pretty well doomed to an eternal nightmare.

In the Bible story, both the rich man and Lazarus died, pretty much at the same time. The rich man was sentenced to the fires of hell…and he started feeling a mighty big thirst before he even passed through the gates. He pleaded with God to give him one more chance, if not for his own sake, then for the sake of his brothers and family members, so that he could warn them of a “lukewarm” faith. God was not impressed, and the rich man had to watch, as Lazarus was borne to heaven and an eternity of peace, “…in the bosom of Abraham.”

In our story, Charles and Fan (names in progress) don’t worry about eternity. One is a self-professed atheist and therefore believes that “death is nothing more than learning how to be worm food!” and the other is a self-proclaimed Christian who, even so, is “…confident that God has a sense of humour!” Each thinks they have all the answers. Each believes “there’s still time to decide…” After all, they have youth on their side…”It can’t happen to me!”

It turns out that God does, indeed, have a sense of humour. But you have to remember: EVERYthing about God is a whole lot bigger than we poor humans can understand. Practical jokes, while funny to the human instigator, can be downright embarassing, painful and humiliating to the human recipients…so, well, like I said…putting practical jokes in the Hand of the Big Guy, the Big Guy’s Spirit and the Big Guy’s Son…not to mention the those warrior angels….

“WHOMP…there it is!”

“Waking Up Dead!” is just such a story as that of the rich man and Lazarus, with one critical difference. Our protagonists are given, not only a second chance, but a third and fourth chance, to learn faith, hope, charity and personal strength, straighten out their lives, set a good example to their friends and loved ones and, above all, to understand how deceit is second nature…no more than child’s play…to the devil.

Oh…you don’t believe in the devil?

See how simple that was!

“Waking Up Dead!”[1] is a new novel-in-progress, by Pearl Kirkby. The anticipated release will be Winter 2016!

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[1] “Waking Up Dead!” copyright © December 2015 by PL Pearl Kirkby

ISBN 10: 1530067103  || ISBN 13: 978-1530067107

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