Now A Goodreads Author!


Pearl Kirkby is now officially a Goodreads author!

Yeah, I’m talking in the 3rd person, but I couldn’t help myself stating it like a front page story…after all, to me it is!

A lot of authors have known about Goodreads, Wattpad, Smashwords and such, right from the beginning. Not me.

I’m kind of thick, you see.

I’ve checked out a bunch of these sites, but Goodreads really caught my eye. It has an awful lot to offer and it’s just very professional, from what I’ve seen. Besides, a number of my new ‘writer/author friends’ use Goodreads, so of course I’m going to see how it fits; so far, it appears to be a valuable resource.

Now, to figure out all the in’s and out’s!!

Anyway, I’ll leave the first chapters here, but will be using my author pages on Goodreads to continue with the progress updates on Folded Dreams – the Novel.

Of course, I will post the Goodreads link whenever I add something new! For the time being, until I can get my actual Goidreads author blog sorted, you can just go to and search “Pearl Kirkby”; you’ll get the basics, plus you can ask me any questions you might have, just like here

Anyway, whoopeee! Pearl Kirkby is now a Goodreads author!!!

“Over the moon!”