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Folded Dreams – the Novel. I think I made a pretty good start and there is some really good stuff beyond what I’ve posted here, although as I mentioned yesterday, I’m not sure where it belongs, chronologically. There’s something else that is keeping me kind of stuck: The Child’s name. Once stated out loud, a character name change is difficult.

I think that anyone who is familiar with J.K. Rowling’s work will recognize when the name, Ginevra, was last made popular, and yes, that is where I got the idea. I do love the name, as it’s unique’ to this era, even if at one point in time it was common as a girl’s name. While I’m quite satisfied with the nicknames, “Ginn” and “Geni”, that my character’s sister and father use, the proper name is giving me some amount of concern, as it doesn’t seem to fit, for some reason.

Is it because I have a preconceived picture of what a child named Ginevra should be? Or is it really that the name is just too unique’…or “cutesy”…like the overuse of designed names like Shaquanda/Shikuanda/Chicuanda. You know, the “I want a different name so I’ll use this name, only spell it differently” mindset?

The thing is, I like the name, but will my readers approve? After all, while a writer has to write for him/herself, there comes a time that s/he has to write for the public…unless the idea of selling one’s books is of no consequence.

I know I have a goodly number of followers to this blog, so I put the question to you: Should there be a name change for The Child, or is leaving the proper name and simply continuing to use the nicknames satisfactory? I DO have a place for you to comment on this post, guys! PLEASE put it to use!!

There’s a place in the Acknowledgements for you, if you will also leave your first name and last initial in your comment!






2 thoughts on “Character Name Change for The Child – WWJKD??

  1. Thanks, Danielle…I really love the name, too. Only the people who have read the HP books themselves would actually recognize the origin (at least, in the U.S. – as it’s primarily of UK origin, perhaps it won’t be as obvious!).

    That you changed your character’s name, and why, is an interesting tidbit! But I do have a question:

    I’ve heard the term, “beta readers”, before. I understand the concept, but how does one go about acquiring such?

    Thanks for your input, as always! Your interest is always an inspiration 😊


  2. I love the name, Ginevra! It’s beautiful. And I think it’s okay. At the end of my manuscript, I changed my one character’s name from Rey to Roy. Small change, but my beta-reader said with the star wars hype going on, and ALSO Rey is a girl in the movie, so I decided to change it, since my character is a male.

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