Chapters 1-4…5; no, 1-3. No, wait…


Folded Dreams: THE NOVEL! Already had the prologue set. First chapter? Piece of cake! It wasn’t long before I was able to post chapters 1-3…then added part of chapter 4. YES! Chapters 1-4…add #5!

Nooo…lousy. Delete and back to three. Re-write and now chapters 1-4 are posted. Again.

And that’s just on The Old Fossil Writes. Here. Online.

Now my handwritten notebook – that’s a whole ‘ nuther story.

I got up to the end of chapter 6 and still had a bit of eraser left on the end of my pencil. Until I didn’t…and then ripped out 7 pages full of tiny, cramped, smeared writing and was back down to 3 chapters. Again.

Now my Word .doc is back up to six chapters. It’s good, but all in the wrong spots. Thank God for Cut/Paste, Open New Page and “Save As Text Document”.


“I need a holiday…a very long holiday…”

(Bilbo Baggins. Lord of the Rings.)