Update for January 2016: Folded Dreams-the Novel


For the past two weeks, I’ve been researching everything from the Theory of Relativity/String Theory/Quantum Mechanics sciences to “Life Out There” to the Voice of God/Prophecies/Epiphanies/spiritual Gifts and Out-of-Body/Near-Death experiences, all for which there has been done, a vast amount of study.

And all of which is being incorporated into my book, “Folded Dreams – The Novel”, which will be out, hopefully, around May or June.

For those of you who purchased or received my very first book, “Folded Dreams – The Beginning”, the novel is a continuation of that story….

…names included!

* * *

By the way, you can read what I’ve written so far, in “Folded Dreams – the Novel”, right here…


2 thoughts on “Update for January 2016: Folded Dreams-the Novel

  1. I just finished reading Folded Dreams-Beginning. Wow that was one weird story! Don’t get me wrong, I liked it ALOT but it was just really different than anything I’ve ever read before!

    I wont go into much detail cuz I don’t want to give away the end to anyone who reads this comment so I’ll be careful.

    I love science fiction books, stories about the paranormal and different extraordinary ‘gifts’ that people who use more than that usual 10% of their nrain sometimes have. This book has all of that and more!

    The great thing about this book is that you don’t have to wait for it to get interesting cuz from the very first scene, something interesting happens. I mean, who could think of a baby with a grown up mind? At first I was thinking reincarnation, but it’s so not that!

    Like another commenter said, at first I thought it would be some boring poorly written book (you know how people look at self published books, especially newcomers) about all this science but I was really taken by surprise!

    You have written such an interesting edge of your seat book here and you’d never know you’re a first time author. The descriptions and even the weirdest parts, like ‘monkey men’, the sneaky hint of ET visitors (did anyone else catch the light color differences?), the little girl with black hair popping up here and there and even the description of how the little girl feels during her life, well it could of been me, it was so vividly written!

    I actually had to read it twice though, because I got confused about the ending. But the second time around it was kind of a slap-my-forehead moment when I got it!

    I just want to say though that both times I read it it left me out of breath and I can’t wait for your novel!

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    • Thanks, Teri! I’ve been told a couple of times that it’s a bit confusing at the end, because that ending was totally unexpected! I’m very glad you enjoyed the book, though and I hope you will find the followup novel just as worth reading 🙂

      If you follow the “read here” link above, it will take you to the updates for Folded Dreams – The Novel, where you can read the draft of the first four chapters!

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