Shall I Post Excerpts of My Novel-in-Progress?

(This has absolutely NOTHING to do with my novel…I just thought it was cool!)

Although “Mama Always Said…I love you more!” is right next to complete, it still requires illustrating and won’t be published, probably, until the new year, 2016. Because of this, “Folded Dreams – the Novel” has become my priority. Now is time to decide how to prepare for publishing this novel. Should I just post updates? or shall I post excerpts, off and on, of my Great American Novel-in-progress?!

Although I have an idea for the cover and am working on the Author Bio and back cover blurb, Folded Dreams in novel form is going to take some time to finish. If you were to look at the notebook dedicated to this novel, you would have a good idea of the form it is destined to take. I’ve had a good bit of input from objective readers, as well as those family members who have read the short story, and their opinions range from, “Wha’ WHUUUT?!!” to, “Wow…I can’t wait til it’s done!”

That works for me!

We’re looking at, at least, 6 months til completion, though, and maybe even 8 months, depending on whether or not hubby and I get moved soon and into a house that will afford me a separate office where I can shut the door and work, sans distraction.

But there remains the question:

Shall I post excerpts, off and on, from my novel-in-progress? Or would simply posting updates (“Finished chapter 1 today! It sounds pretty good!”, “oh sheesh…here we go again…editEditEDIT!”, “Designed my cover today. I think you’ll all like it ๐Ÿ™‚ “) be enough?

I’d REALLY like to hear y’alls opinions on the subject.

Thanks, everyone!