I just HAD to make this a size large image...cos,did I mention, IT'S OFFICIAL!!!

I just HAD to make this a size large image…cos,did I mention, IT’S OFFICIAL!!!

It’s official! “Folded Dreams – the Beginning” has been published!! YAYYYY!

My very first little book, “Folded Dreams – the Beginning” is currently for sale on my CreateSpace e-Store! You can find it at (I think it’s okay to put an external purchase link on here. I’m sure that if it’s not okay, somebody will tell me about it…I hope :/ )

Anyway…I am now officially a published author.

Wow…I’m so psyched!


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  1. I don’t know you, and I haven’t read your blog before. But I’ve stumbled on this post and I can’t help but congratulate you on your big success. You have the right to feel proud and go INSANE over this. Countless “aspiring” writers never even get close to this stage-including the guy who is writing this very comment. So be happy, and I wish you all the success throughout your journey.


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    • Why, thank you, Mr. Gate! That’s extraordinarily kind of you…not everyone would be so thoughtful as to comment on a post they caught out of the corner of their eye, per se!!

      As far as reaching my goal, I really must credit the people who have urged me on…and the particular publishing platform I used. Without that combination, I’d have given up before I even started. As it is, it took me 3 years of gathering courage to publish even this little, tiny tome! I have actually based today’s post on just this “self-publishing” issue. Maybe you’d find it interesting??

      Best of luck to you…you’ll reach that stage when you least expect it! And thanks again, so much, for your thoughtfulness 🙂

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    • Thanks, Heather! I guess it’s kind of obvious by the rest of my comment responses that I think I’m all that and a bag of chips today, yeah?!!

      Pathetic 😀 One little book and I’m acting all like I just published The Great American Novel! Well, my kids have been saying how proud of me they are, so it’s The Great Kirkby Book, at any rate!

      Gosh, I so appreciate you and everyone for your support. It’s made this such fun 😀

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    • Oh! You did get that bit! Yep, I think that’s the one I used on the Orders & Pre-Orders link.

      Thought-provoking…I think all of Einstein’s and Feynman’s (and all of their ilk) theories are just that. The question of “just what is time…or when is space” just gives me goose bumps!

      Thanks again 🙂

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    • I’m so freaking psyched! All is finished as of this morning, both print and Kindle! BUT, Amazon doesn’t have a real sample/LITB option…just up to (and including some of) the Acknowledgements page :O I posted today about it…the link is in my last post, or you can probably go directly to it from my blog-post titles.


      Thanks for all your input, Danielle. You don’t know how much it means!

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