Not so fast!

BookCoverPreviewMy last post was a “Yay, me!” post. Yeahhh, No. I shouldn’t have patted myself on the back so quickly. One of the things Mama always said that kept me out of no small amount of trouble should have struck me sooner: “Not so fast!”

Yes, my cover really looks nice, and that’s according to others than me. And yes, the interior looked pretty sharp, too, or so I thought.

A few days after I posted that (yesterday, actually), Mama’s words seemed to whisper in my ear: “Not so fast, young lady. This is no different from your book reports or math homework. CHECK IT AGAIN!”  Yep, that’s Mama for you. Bless her heart…gone these past 14 years and still watching out for me.

So I did. I checked it again. OMGosh! I’m mortified! “Your” instead of “you’re”, “there” instead of “their”…at least 6 times…and even one instance of the dreaded “should OF” instead of “should HAVE”!

“But wait! There’s more!”

All throughout the Word .doc manuscript, there were words run together without spacing and horrible paragraph separations, or rather, the lack of paragraph spacing! It was horrific!

You know that philosophy I’m so proud of? You know: “editEditEDIT”? Well, I think I missed that last “EDIT”.

So I edited. A lot. So much so that I wound up with six more pages, just from getting it done right. I’m not going to complain, though, because a 70 page book seems so much more book-like than a 60 page book.

I’ve read the corrected version seven or eight times now. I created a PDF and proof-read that another six or seven times. Then I went over both of them again and had one of my friends proofread it as well. Twice.

You see, I know how hard it has been for self-published authors to overcome all the negative connotations relegated to us. There are so many out there that don’t think to have even a friend who has an expert grasp on the English language, spelling, pronunciation and syntax, to proofread and they wind up publishing a book that, regardless of great story line, looks amateurish simply because of misspelled words.

I don’t want my very first published book to wind up making me…or my community of self-publishers…look bad.

The corrected version has been submitted and accepted. Today I will proofread both of them all over again…just in case. I will then hit “Approve Proof”. Immediately, I will publish to Kindle. And that will be that.

Oh! And at the top you will see my real book cover, not the “here, let me snap a photo of the thumnail with my phone” shot!