Goals, the Culinary Arts and Rocket Science


So today as I was having my first cup of coffee, I took the time to ponder all the ‘stuff’ on my proverbial plate. There’s really not that much, to be honest; only instead of a lovely presentation (using culinary terminology), my plate looks like prison or grade school cafeteria personnel just took a huge spoon and glopped it all onto a tray. Making things look presentable is not rocket science, and nor should be my ‘plate-ful of goals’ be approached in that manner.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a way to relate my goal-setting to something with which I am familiar. Other than watching space rockets come and go, these past six-plus decades, rocket science is best left to…rocket scien-tists.

Now…the culinary arts, that’s more my speed. Cooking for a huge family, and the kids in that family growing up to be excellent cooks (and one degreed professional) will definitely do that to a body.

So kenning the setting of goals to the Culinary Arts it is! I will dump all my goal “food” back into the pots from whence they came, bring out the good china and start over. After all, just as a diner paying top price expects to be able to identify the food on his plate, so should a writer be able to identify…and prioritize…the goals in his (or her) agenda.

I have two books that should have already been published, whether through a crowd-publishing, traditional publishing or self-publishing platform: “Folded Dreams”, the short story and the children’s book from the Mama Always Said series, “…I Love You More”.

Now obviously, a children’s book needs illustrations. Just as obviously, as has been seen from previous posts, illustrating is taking a bit longer than anticipated. A short story (or even a full blown novel, for all that), needs but one illustration: The Cover. So what’s the hold up on “Folded Dreams”?

Procrastination, that’s what. Oh, and fear.

Today I am going to put the finishing touches on FD and get it submitted for print publishing, today, at the very least. Because this has gone on long enough. That means, stop procrastinating on reinstating PayPal, make a decision on the appropriate cover design…then actually design the thing…and stiffen my upper lip and produce a plan of attack against those damn gremlins who keep sabatoging my MS Word margin settings.

Once I get the print version launched, then I’ll worry about Kindle-izing it. Once I get the print version launched, I’ll have more room on my plate to push around “I Love You More” and break it down into bite-sized pieces.

I like reading about science, from the Theory of Relativity to Rocket Science. But in an offhand way…I’m no pro. I can do something with food, however, if not from a professional culinary arts standpoint, then at least from long experience. Goals will come to fruition if you can plan them out as you would do with any other project you have a passion for.

“Folded Dreams” may brush the scientific theory of relativity, but writing is my Culinary Arts.

I want to be a writer.

Not just write.