Project Updates: Kindle and Publish, where are you??!!



This self-publishing thing, while not rocket science, does require a modicum of self-publish education and no little experience…or access to someone who is experienced in such things. Because of my lack of both, my “Project Updates:”…which should include at least one each of Kindle and print versions…are, to my great sadness, next to non-existent.

“Mama Always Said…I Love You More!”, a children’s book, should have, by now, been up for crowdfunding through Publishizer. Due to an unacceptable cover, format-wise, this has not happened. Yet. But because of the delays, I fear I may miss my window of opportunity. Of course, it does still need illustrating, but that was part of what would be covered by the crowdfunding effort. If I was to miss my funding goal, I would still, at least, have time to get it done and simply self-publish it, even though it would now come ‘out of pocket’.

“…I Love You More!” does have an illustrator, fortunately. IF I can get it submitted to Publishizer with an acceptable cover illustration, she will have a month and a half, more or less, to complete her part of the project. If I can’t, she will have a rather longer time frame. Either way, this little book will be published (with a Limited Edition, “Touchable”, version, no less!).

“Folded Dreams”, a short story. Well, at least that’s how it started out. If you, dear reader, have read even a few of my published articles, blurbs or social media postings and Tweet, you will know that “editEditEDIT” is one of my favourite hashtags. And generally speaking, I do well with that practice. With “Folded Dreams”, though?

Not so much.

Because it was such a very short, short story, I decided to #editEditEDIT it until it was a good and proper length, worthy of publishing to, at least Kindle, and hopefully as a low-cost print edition. I built up a significant background, changed syntax in a number of places and even added nearly ten pages to the story.

Let me tell you about “editEditEDIT”…sometimes you go so far that you completely lose the story, if you’re editing forward. Which I did. On both counts.


I deleted my edited docs, cut and pasted the story from MS Word to a plain text document, as it was originally written in college (won a competition against our English Lit professor, by golly!) and kept only the PDF version, which I rather like the look of…and it’s quite nice looking, too!

From this “starting over” point, I will now ‘edit’ for readability and to add some short, clarifying background, ‘Edit’ out interior pictures and keeping only the cover image and ‘EDIT’ to format correctly, so that I can submit it to Kindle and replace the existing ms in CreateSpace. This book, at least, will be published sometime between today, Monday, 16 November and Thanksgiving, 2015, as it needs no other illustrations besides the cover.


  1. “Folded Dreams” – Kindle & Publish…within a week.
  2. “Mama Always Said…I Love You More!” – Publish…between Christmas and New Year’s eve, with a “maybe February, 2016” for Kindle as well, if I can get it ready for Publishizer in time.

Being a newbie kinda sucks.