Three “Books in Progress”. Sort of.

Perhaps a more apt title would be, “Three Books in Various Stages of Progress from Nearly Finished to Under Construction”. But that would be a bit like negating the need for a post!

Full summaries for these books will be posted elsewhere…on Amazon and/or Kindle, or after I figure out how to make an Author Facebook page. Since reading excerpts from various authors, I’ve also been seriously considering GoodReads. Studying how to use that will be my next task in the next few weeks. Apparently you guys swear by it; I know I swear by it for reading purposes!


Mama Always Said_Vol I_BookCoverPreview

This book will, hopefully, be completed by spring 2016.

Book #1, “Mama Always Said…Sage old words of wisdom to live by. Sort of.” (I just love using that ‘sort of.’ turn of phrase!!), was going to be the first book I would publish upon retirement. It deals with all those sayings that mothers seem to churn out at will; they all have a standardized opinion and/or advice, relevant to whatever the situation calls for.

Turns out that, even though my handwritten manuscript covered nearly 200 pages, once it was typed out, it was so short as to not even qualify as a book, so I’ve been working very hard to turn it into one; to use another favourite: #editEditEDIT! It’s still not nearly ready, but I continue to plod along 😀

This full cover was completed weeks ago (or has it been months???), to be used for printing by CreateSpace. As this series of books is dedicated to my own precious ‘Mum’, (August 1930-August 2000), the first one just had to bear her image. Look closely and note that her whole face smiles. I chose this photo because it shows her personality perfectly.

I Love You More Cover_JPEG-Copy

Book #2, “Mama Always Said…I Love You More!”, is of course, one of the ‘Mama Always Said…’ series. It actually started out as Book 4, but at the behest of my, oh! so many children who think it’s far easier to write a children’s book than the Great American Novel, it shot up to the #1 spot for publishing.

Unfortunately, while it was fairly easy to set to paper (or, rather, flash drive), illustrating it was no longer something at which I could be proficient.  Arthritis, you know.

So daughter, Dixie Hedden-Sheffield (who also has a ton of children for whom she creates stories and pictures!) will be taking on the role of illustrator. Right now, however, she and her multiples of children are in a fierce battle with a New England brand of the ‘flu bug. Nasty stuff.

Hopefully, though, this one will be ready by either Christmas or end of year, 2015. Can’t force creativity, especially when your brains are leaking steadily from your nose!

download_Folded Dreams

Book #3.

This is an odd one.

I entered into college at age 52. Yes, I know…jaw drops and eyes get big as you exclaim, “Holy cow (et al)! Why so late?”

If you will read the above, next to last paragraph, that is in parentheses, you will note the word, “also”. That means daughter, Dixie, has followed in her mother’s footsteps, sort of. I have 10 children, plus 2. Five are blood born, five I married when I married their dad; the “+2” belong to his late wife, but I love them as I do my own. So I claim them.

Anyway, married in 1972, just after graduation, twelve children, the oldest born in 1973 and the youngest born in 1991…when would I have had time?!

And yes, I could’ve waited to have kids…but then I wouldn’t have had the ones I did, nor the beautiful family that I married into.

The point is, I did go to college. During the initial, pre-requisites, stage, I had a wonderful English Lit professor. I was closer to her in age than any of my fellow students (older than her, truth be told!) and proved myself able to participate in a substantial way during discussions. I think our class enjoyed our…dissertations…regarding the English language, grammar, spelling (note that I tend to use UK spelling at times) and the pros and cons of verbosity…something both she and my Business Administration professor often pointed out as one of my personal writing characteristics (can you tell?!).

One day, she challenged our literature class to a competition; we were to write a short story, competing against each other; the winner’s story would then go up against hers and the class would make the final judgement.

Even the professor chose my short story, “Folded Dreams”.

I have been attempting to turn it into a book, but I edited it so much in order to add length that I completely lost the story. The plan now is to edit it somewhat for length, a lot for readability and save it for a book of short stories.

And there you have it. Three of the absolutes that are destined to be published.

Many more are awaiting, here in my brain, to be written.

May you all have a wonderful, fulfilling week, what’s left of it!