Hurry up and wait…

Having been in such an all-fired hurry to submit my children’s book proposal, “Mama Always Said…I Love You More!”, to Publishizer, I rushed the cover image. I should have been more careful at least about formatting it. Because of the amateurish job, I guess you could call it, I will have to resubmit it…next time with a more professional looking choice.

Unfortunately, the expense is not something I can carry for awhile yet. Oh well…c’est la vie. There’s always Kindle, yes?

download_Folded DreamsI do have another book, “Folded Dreams: The Beginning” (a short story) ready to go in a week or two…cover and all! This one will be print, but also an ebook, so all is not lost.

I’ve spent the past few days taking a break from writing by doing something that I love: reading. I have been fortunate to acquire two books, written by two recent acquaintances made via Twitter. I feel very honoured to have been given these opportunities.

The first book, “Dublin in the Rain” was written by Welsh author, Andrew Critchley. In his words, this is a “coming of age story” revolving around main character, Jonathan Melton. His life is affected by several series of events which, combined, coloured every choice, every action and every outcome in his life.

From a dysfunctional, broken family, to his father’s death, to his own relationship following the same vicious cycle as his parents, Jonathan is forced by circumstance to take a long, hard look at his life path.

He very nearly misses out on his happy ending, were it not for a budding relationsip with a young woman indirectly involved with his beginnings.

All of Jonathan’s experiences, as well as those of the other characters who have a part in his life, speak volumes to anyone who has experienced emotional upheaval…coupled with making decisions with bitternessof heart rather than forgiveness of spirit.

A great, well written book that is difficult to put down.

The next book I read is of a completely different genre. “My Texts & Emails are Ruining My Life!” was written by Laurie Leiker, aka, “Grandma Laurie”, who diverged from her usual children’s book writing, to produce a light-hearted mini-tome full of advice on how to take control over our ever increasing dependence on electronic communications…an often overwhelming task.

With humourous personal anecdotes and detailed instructions, Laurie guides us on how to develop effective organizational skills and habits, so that we no longer dread the occasional forays into inbox and phone texts. She also advises us on how to recognize the signs of ‘e-comms addiction’!!

The whole effect of taking time off from writing and editing has given me a much needed respite. For, as Dr. Seuss said so succinctly, I “…thought and I thought til (my) thinker was sore!”

Well, my thinker is much better now, thank you very much, and while I’m still the same confused, scared Old Fossil that I was last week, I at least have more energy to keep up the effort.

The only thing left for me to do now is get a good night’s sleep and hit the ground running tomorrow.

So, “Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!”