“Mama Always Said…I Love You More!”

By Pearl Kirkby          Illustrated by Dixie Hedden-Sheffield

I Love You More Cover_JPEG-Copy

All that is left to be ready for publish…is the illustrations.

“Mama Always Said…I Love You More!” is a children’s book, suitable for ages up to 5.

Other than simply printing out and attaching pages together to use for my kids when they were little, this is the first book I will have ever published, publicly. I rather like the front…but unfortunately, it does not translate well as a printed cover….sob 😦

I was able to get “…I Love You More!” submitted by 28 October and was so pleased that the proposal itself, the text of it, anyway, was accepted. As I said, however, I was told I needed to work on the cover.

All that is left to be ready for publish (other than re-doing the cover) is the illustrations. This book will be published on Kindle, as a .PDF and also will be published to print. Hopefully, the Kindle, etc, versions will be ready in a couple of weeks.

For the print version, I am hoping to acquire enough support by crowdfunding to be able to fully produce (any professional assistance to format, so that it looks its best, included) the physical book for local distribution, other than relying strictly on online sales and online marketing through Amazon.

As soon as Ms. Hedden-Sheffield has completed a few illustrations, I will be posting the first 2 or 3 pages of the book online here on ‘The Old Fossil Writes’; there will also be links via Twitter (@PLKirkby / #OldFossil ), on my personal Facebook page (Philosopher’s Journey) and also on my LinkedIn page.

Again, once I have an acceptable cover ready, which will satisfy conversion quality requirements, and the entire proposal is accepted, I will post links to my Publishizer project page (what exactly is Publishizer?) on all of my social media sites, here on The Old Fossil Writes for the “Mama Always Said…” project updates, and also on several other websites I maintain.

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(Mama Always Said…I Love You More! ©2008-2015 by PL Pearl-Kirkby. All rights reserved)